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Project Gutenberg Markup Tool

The Project Gutenberg Markup Tool is a command-line tool with a GUI front-end that automatically creates an HTML or LaTeX file from a Project Gutenberg etext. The aim is to provide publication-quality formatted etexts, without manual markup, in conjunction with post-processing by other pre-existing tools. It is tailored specifically to Project Gutenberg etexts, but can in some cases be used for other plain-ASCII etexts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Feb 2009 06:15

    Release Notes: The Mac OS X version now works on Mac OS X 10.3-10.5, on both PowerPC and Intel architectures.

    •  02 Jun 2008 00:51

      Release Notes: The GUI front-end now supports the GutenSplit utility in addition to supporting GutenMark itself. The GUI front-end now defaults to using the desktop for input and output. Mac OS X support has been reinstated, though with full support only for Leopard. Limited iPhone support has been added. Some portability issues with the Linux version have been fixed. GutenSplit has several new options. The installer programs have been made somewhat smaller.

      •  22 Apr 2008 07:34

        Release Notes: A GUI front-end (GUItenMark) has been added. There are now installer programs for Windows and Linux x86. Guidance on LaTeX post-processing in Windows has been added. A program (GutenSplit) has been added for splitting the monolithic HTML output into chapter-sized HTML. Various improvements have been made to LaTeX output generation. A number of bugs were fixed.

        •  14 Jul 2002 19:44

          Release Notes: LaTeX output, previously in a very experimental state, now works fairly satisfactorily. Problems with running the program from a non-default directory in Win32 have been fixed. Several new command line switches have been added, including the ability to specify a non-default configuration file. Various miscellaneous bugs have also been fixed.

          •  28 Dec 2001 23:22

            Release Notes: A number of minor bugs were fixed and minor features added. Many of the changes were to improve auto-italicizing of foreign phrases and of ALL-CAPS. Various new italicizing styles were added. Non-PG ASCII etexts can now be processed. Several HTML-validity problems were fixed, and the raw HTML is now greatly beautified so that it is much easier to work with manually. Some trivial support for line-drawings was added. A switch was added to allow a single space between sentences.


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