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Grand Unified Toolkit

The "Grand Unified Toolkit" is a portable, low-level C++ API targeted toward the development of interactive 3D applications. It is based around a comprehensive OpenGL setup API with features like windowed and fullscreen displays, on-the-fly video mode switching, transparent support for 3Dfx standalone cards, and texture and font support. The Toolkit also includes a user input API, access to the system timer, basic 3D math objects, file I/O, and more. Full source code, HTML documentation, and several small sample applications are available.


Recent releases

  •  23 Mar 2001 06:23

    Release Notes: This is a major cleanup release, in preparation for the final push to a 1.0 release. The OpenGL/Display API has been overhauled, again. Linux client now dynamically loads the OpenGL libraries which helps resolve linking issues across distributions. All v8 prefixes are gone and the entire library has been moved into a namespace named 'gut'. The file API has been removed and switching over to standard C++ streams for I/O has been started, for greater flexibility, and should require less coding. The error reporting API has been replaced with a lower-level interface. The new version avoids internationalization issues in production code. Several interfacess have been overhauled: the event loop, images, debug heap, endian conversion. There will be minor changes to the APIs in these areas. A new texture font generation tool is available on the Toolkit website, and the old one has been removed. This new version embeds the FreeType ( engine and can generate a texture font from most common font formats (TrueType, etc.) The 'DebugStream' object is gone, which never worked particularly well to begin with. Doxygen to automatically generates the library documentation. It may take a release or two to get everything shipshape, but the sample applications are ready now, and cover most of the API features. The makefiles have been improved, though they could still use work. There are a lot of bug fixes.

    •  25 Jul 2000 15:54

      Release Notes: First freshmeat announcement.


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