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15 Aug 2005 17:19 esaracco

Debian repository
Thanks to Cyril Brulebois, gurlchecker now

have a Debian repository.

Add the following lines in your


deb ./

deb-src ./

For the moment, only the "unstable" branch

of gurlchecker is available.


15 May 2004 05:10 esaracco

gURLChecker is now hosted on LE Labs
gURLChecker project moved from savannah to LE Labs (

Please update your bookmarks!


18 Jan 2004 04:00 esaracco

how to solve gURLChecker 0.7.6 compilation problem

for redhat users: they can download new libxml2 release (official rpm update are too old) on: (

gURLChecker should compil without any problem with the last release.


15 Jan 2004 00:40 esaracco

Troubles with old libxml2
Some people report compilation problems with libxml2 < 2.6. currently I am using libxml2 v2.6.3 on debian/unstable.

26 Dec 2003 04:59 esaracco

gURLChecker download
hi all,

Because of recent savannah troubles people can not download anymore fromthere (this functionnality will be restored on january 2004).

For the moment you can download gURLChecker files on (

however, no new release since last stable 0.6.3. I am currently working on project management for next unstable 0.7.4... a lot of work to implement this functionnality :-)


06 Oct 2003 22:53 esaracco

gURLChecker now have a german translation (v0.7.1)
Alexander Hunziker maintain the german translation. Task #1864 (German translation) is ok now.

12 Aug 2003 14:41 esaracco

stable release will be in late :-(
too many bugs still remain.

31 Jul 2003 13:53 esaracco

gURLChecker has been frozen (v0.6.0pre1)
I decided to freeze gURLChecker. Stable version v0.6.0 will coming soon. Thanks to test preX releases!

07 Jul 2003 16:22 esaracco

gURLChecker now have a FreeBSD package
Thanks to Koop Mast <> for his contribution: for FreeBSD 4.x and for FreeBSD 5.x

25 Jun 2003 13:55 esaracco

bug resulting in crash error on the v0.5.3 release

there is a little bug (typo...) in the v0.5.3 release that make gurlchecker crash at exit or on new check.

it is corrected on the CVS version.



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