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gtubeclock is a simple digital clock for GNOME/GTK+. The default appearance resembles nixie tubes, those old digital displays that pre-date LEDs. It also has support for other artwork.


Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2004 19:23

    Release Notes: You can make the clock sticky (so it shows up on all desktops). You can specify the scaling factor for small-size windows on the command line. You can also specify the positioning of the window on the command line, and the position will be remembered when you save your session (even if you're using no-border mode).

    •  24 Nov 2004 16:49

      Release Notes: You can now scale an image down to an arbitrary size, not just half-size.

      •  18 Jun 2004 20:38

        Release Notes: The sawfish fixes have been integrated. There is now a .desktop entry. There is a new "move" menu item (initial attempt).

        •  07 Jun 2004 16:02

          Release Notes: This release fixes another install bug which prevented proper installation of the data directory.

          •  04 Jun 2004 20:25

            Release Notes: This release eliminates a multi-line literal that caused build failure with certain compilers.

            Recent comments

            03 Apr 2005 11:27 dalfa

            great clock!! thanks dude!! :-D


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