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GTKYahoo is a GTK+ based Yahoo! Pager client. It is functional enough to let you log using your primary profile, and load in your alternate identities and buddy lists. It is usable enough for carrying on conversations with friends and keeping your current status (here/away/busy/etc.) up to date. It can also receive calendar reminders from Yahoo Calendar and notify you when you have new Yahoo mail. It includes a few features not available in the windows version, such as an answering machine and automatic forwarding of incoming messages via email.


Recent releases

  •  24 Aug 2001 16:32

    Release Notes: All status messages will now use real names if real names are enabled. If you are chatting with a non-friend and you are ignoring messages from non-friends, you will no longer ignore replies from the non-friend with whom you are chatting. Lots of keyboard shortcuts were added to the menus. The Get Credentials menu item is now disabled upon login. You are now listed in your own Friends list. Mention of the the libyahoo authors has been added to the About box. Your own status changes are now announced in each of your chat windows.

    •  09 Aug 2001 15:03

      Release Notes: The authors lists were improved. Local Ignore lists were added, as well as the option to display real names (from the Yahoo! Address Book) instead of IDs.

      •  20 Jul 2001 15:13

        Release Notes: Various bugfixes were made. The building of RPM files was substantially updated. GNOME and Ximian/GNOME RPM files are now built. 'SYSTEM' is now recognised as a Yahoo! system ID. The -geometry switch now sets the main window's width and height. HTTP proxy connectivity works. A custom status patch was made. GPG signed RPMs and signatures for tarballs are now available.

        •  18 Apr 2001 22:27

          Release Notes: HTTP connection mode (for users behind firewalls), connection to your Yahoo! address book, massive conference support improvements, a new experimental login widget, compile fixes for Solaris, new menus linking users to other Yahoo! services, better log file support, and lots of bugfixes and minor improvements.

          •  04 Jul 1999 00:25

            Release Notes: Fixed screw-up with missing xpm in 0.15.

            Recent comments

            19 Apr 2000 01:52 windozesux

            I personally prefer ICQ for most of my non-IRC chatting for two big reasons: 1) ICQ is flexible, and 2) Everyone I know uses it. I also use AIM, but for the most part ICQ is the standard. Yahoo is nice if you want a slim and very basic IM setup, or if you need to talk to other people you meet on the Yahoo games site, but I think ICQ is the better of the IMs out there.


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