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gtkmodeline is supposed to aid you in coming up with new, better, custom video modes. The purpose is to get every last row and column of performance out of what your monitor can do, milk it for all its worth, and otherwise generally lower the life of your monitor. It essentially lets you somewhat easily tweak the numbers and instaneously see the results of your tweak, and add config gibberish which the various software packages need to see in order to know how to give you this video mode. It currently generates config lines which should be suitable for configuring XFree86, SVGATextMode, and Linux FBDev. Its a small perlscript which uses the Gtk and Gtk::GladeXML modules.


Recent releases

  •  17 Jun 2001 15:18

    Release Notes: Various bugfixes were made. Labels were modified to be less confusing. Mode-name is now updated automatically.


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    Project Spotlight

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