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GTKML (GTK Markup Language) is an XML format for defining GTK user interfaces, including dynamically-bound events. Advantages include easier development, incorporating UI changes without recompiling, interoperability between GTKML-compliant language bindings/frameworks and editors, and end-user customizations/internationalizations. GTKML provides a cleaner organization than GLADE, and is much better suited for use with object-oriented languages. For a C++ binding to GTKML, see the SDPGTK library.


Recent releases

  •  15 Mar 2000 23:30

    Release Notes: Support for 7 new GTK widget types: GtkCalendar, GtkRuler, GtkHRuler, GtkVRuler, GtkScale, GtkHScale, and GtkVScale.

    •  26 Feb 2000 11:50

      Release Notes: Support for 7 more GTK widgets added.

      •  23 Feb 2000 10:59

        Release Notes: Added the spinbutton element and the adjustment element

        •  10 Feb 2000 14:09

          Release Notes: This release has been updated to support 53 attributes on 45 GTK+ widgets. A new online reference manual cross-references all XML elements and attributes.

          •  22 Jul 1999 07:21

            Release Notes: Standard proposed 8/19/99.


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            Project Spotlight

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