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gtkmail is a GUI email client for GNOME. It features full MIME support, multiple remote and local mailboxes, threaded mail viewing, mail fetching, crypto (PGP/SSL), and a multiwindow interface.

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Recent releases

  •  20 Aug 2001 18:53

    Release Notes: This release is the first with GNOME support, using Gnome--. Threaded mail viewing is now available, and sorting is enabled once again. PGP no longer requires an open terminal, and will cache your password. Mailbox configuration is now possible in the UI using Gnome::Druid.

    •  10 Aug 2001 15:42

      Release Notes: This is a fully functional release. It supports both local (mbox) and remote (IMAP) mailboxes. IMAP communication can take place either through raw TCP or SSL, given server support. PGP crypto is available through gnupg. There is also an automagic spam-forwarding feature. It tries to find out where the spam came from, and writes a complaint letter to the spammer's ISP. The UI features simultaneous access to multiple mailboxes, and is massively multithreaded. Actions within a mailbox are both prioritized and queued.

      •  05 Sep 2000 16:28

        Release Notes: The UI for attachments was improved, including forwarding and more flexible viewing. There are also more configuration options and improved network code.

        •  07 Jul 2000 14:37

          Release Notes: Improvements were made to the look of the GUI and navigation through the popup menu. Various bug fixes and improvements were made. Support for mulitple sending/receiving accounts was added. gtkmail now works with gdk-pixbuf-0.8.0.

          •  17 May 2000 09:33

            Release Notes: A couple of the changes that were in CVS didn't make it into the 1.0.1 release, like quoted-printable encoding.

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