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14 Mar 2002 17:59 halfy

very nice...
I went through many hotline clients today, ranging from working, proprietary, to seg fault on start. This client has been by far the best I have tried today and will be the client I will recommend to my fellow linux buddies... Great work!!!

06 Feb 2002 01:07 magz

strange bug
For some reason, the task bar will only list the first few items queued up for download. After that, even if gtkhx is downloading stuff it appears blank in the task bar and will usually freeze. This is in RH 7.2 with the stock 2.4 kernel (2.4.7) on a Dell Inspiron 8100. Other than that, really nice hotline clone!

23 Jun 2000 23:39 mishan

Ay Caramba!
Gah! I made a huge mistake. I forgot to change the #include to #include "history.h" in some of the source. If you are using 0.6 and it does not compile, I advise you to get the CVS version until 0.6.1 comes out...#)($*

15 Jun 2000 05:09 mishan

Grab latest CVS GtkHx -- It no longer needs readline, I took the history code from libreadline4.

11 Jun 2000 21:02 mishan

Hmm...My workstation has readline 2.2.1 installed but I believe my debian system has the most recent version of readline installed. I think I can fix this though; I am only using the history code of readline so maybe I can bundle it with my package.

11 Jun 2000 18:23 payn

Problems with libreadline?
When I run the binary, or get to the link stage when building (either the source RPM or the tarball), I get a whole slew of missing symbols from I'm using the 4.0-1a readline and readline-devel RPMs from LinuxPPC 2000, and I've never had any problem with anything else (for example, hx and fidelio both build fine).

My is a link to, and it has all the relevant exports. I'm not sure what's going on. I'll have a look at the source later and see if I can puzzle it out, but if anyone's had a similar experience, it would be helpful.

14 May 2000 16:42 mishan

Weird Bug
Is anyone getting weird Imlib errors when clicking on Options? It only happens on some systems and I am getting very mixed results. Please specify your system, GTK+ version, and Imlib version.

02 May 2000 17:38 mishan

DNS Problems
I apologize for being down so often with DNS problems. Perhaps it is just me though. Anyway, I will find another host to use as a backup server.


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