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GtkEditor is a source code editor widget for GTK+. It is currently used, in one version or another, in several GTK+/GNOME applications, including gIDE, VDKBuilder, and GXEdit. The gtkeditor widget sub-classes the gtktext widget, and after initialization, the editor widget can be treated as the usual text widget, and all source-code editing features are taken care of by the widget itself. The behaviour of the editor is decided by dynamic libraries loaded during initialization of the widget. These libraries can be hand-coded or (in the future) created using tools supplied with GtkEditor.


Recent releases

  •  01 Jun 2000 18:07

    Release Notes: The only major change is the port to the TkText widget. Minor changes include a few new scanners and a number of bugfixes.

    •  15 Apr 2000 19:01

      Release Notes: Separation of scanner configuration and editor (scanners are specified in a lex-like language and compiled with a provided tool; they can then either be loaded at runtime or statically linked with applications), addition of block highlighting to the scanner/highlighting code, a few new scanners, and a number of bugfixes.

      •  29 Feb 2000 21:29

        Release Notes: The widget is no longer dependent on the gtksctext widget but only the gtktext widget. The highlighting routines have been redesigned and reimplemented with considerable speedup as a result. The editor widget has gone through a major redesign. As a consequence, the API has changed somewhat. The new design is described at the project homepage.

        •  10 Jan 1999 14:05

          Release Notes: This release introduces escape characters in syntax blocks, use of registers for highlighting sub-patterns, and nested syntax blocks.

          •  06 Jan 1999 21:06

            Release Notes: Hacked to work with gtk versions >= 1.1.7


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