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The primary aim of the Gtk+2 panel project is to provide a panel that reuses whatever is available (if it is not overkill) in the obvious way, such as subclassing GtkWidget instead of implementing applets, or by using a GtkBuilder file instead of defining a new format to customize the panel. This approach gives some additional advantages for free: you can use common tools in uncommon ways. Above all, you can use Glade to design your own panel. All the dependencies apart from GTK+ are (and hopefully will be) optional.

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Recent releases

  •  27 May 2012 18:55

    Release Notes: The gladeui autodetection has been improved, and the premature expansion of the catalogdir variable is now avoided. It is now possible to explicitly specify the path at configure time, skipping the gladeui autodetection. The build system gracefully support the --as-needed linker flag and has been improved to support "make distcheck" without errors. gtk2panel now has a --version argument so automake compatibility level can be raised to gnits.

    •  08 Aug 2009 07:16

      Release Notes: The panel no longer depends on libglade: all the UI has been moved to GtkBuilder and glade 3.6. The panel can now be edited by adding and configuring widgets directly from glade 3. All the custom widgets, previously hardcoded in the main file, have been rewritten from scratch as self-contained GTK+ widgets. To be able to access them from glade 3, the code has moved to its own shared library (libgpwidgets), which is usable from outside gtk2panel too. The build system does not hardcode any dependencies: only Gtk+ 2 is required. libwnck and glade support can be disabled from configure.


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