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Gtk2::Ex::DBI is a Perl module that is used in conjunction with Gtk2::Perl and Gtk2::GladeXML to give data-aware "form" functionality. The programmer creates a database form with Glade2, and then creates a Gtk2::Ex::DBI object, which then "binds" a DBI data source to the form, managing querying, navigating records, applying updates to the database, and error handling.

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Recent releases

  •  20 Sep 2005 14:53

    Release Notes: A dialog question was added, asking the user whether to apply if a window is closed with unapplied changes to a recordset. Setting of a calculated field was fixed if the result of the calculation is 0. The dialog description of DBI error message which was shown if apply fails was fixed. A bug in trying to block a non-existent signal when setting a primary key retrieved from an insert was fixed. The remaining 0s and 1s were replaced with FALSEs and TRUEs.

    •  21 Aug 2005 10:44

      Release Notes: The default values are set from database field definitions when inserting a new record. A key is created in the records hash for each field when inserting a new record (which avoids Perl warnings about uninitialized values). set_defaults() was removed since it was incorporated into assemble_new_record(). More eval{} stuff was added around DB interaction, with Gtk2::Ex::Dialog::ErrorMsg warnings when things fail. Gtk2::Ex::DBI->new() returns FALSE if the initial query fails.


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