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gtk123 is a frontend for mpg123, mpg321, and other mp3 players that use the same command-line format. It should be possible to use gtk123 in situations where most other MP3 players would be ineffective due to lack of CPU power. gtk123 is being developed and tested on a 486DX4/75 laptop. On such a system, it can be somewhat unresponsive when decoding VBR, but CBR works well (at least in mono mode).


Recent releases

  •  05 Aug 2004 03:48

    Release Notes: A configure script based on GNU autoconf and makefile was added. Automatic filename defaults are used when saving playlists. Installed MP3 players are automatically detected. Support for command-line options and arguments was improved. A disk cache of MP3 information is now kept. A Select Album button was added in the file browser. Warning messages are displayed graphically. Support was added for David A. van Leeuwen's vold for Linux. A new, menu-based GUI and an HTML-based help system were implemented. A Debian package is now available.


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