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01 Jun 2000 17:44 nifty

download locations
Since the download links don't seem to work anywhere for gtetrinet, try searching for ``gtetrinet-0.4.tar.gz'' on, and you should be able to find it without trouble (at least, I was able to :).

19 May 2000 03:18 cynd

Tetrinet hosting found.
Tetrinet can be found at this url

But download links are broken, have emailed the author requesting version 0.4 for posting.

11 May 2000 20:02 vinceh

Alternate Download Location...

Has version 0.3, unable to find 0.4.

07 May 2000 03:13 obso

The links are bad!
It appears that the links to this are LONG outdated.

Perhaps someone can provide an alternate download location?

30 Jan 2000 15:52 bongboy

segmentation faults
im running RH 6.1 and everyonce and a while i get a segmentation fault while playing tetrinet and the program freezes, any clue why?

15 Aug 1999 07:49 aegand

resizable |
About the only problem i can think of is that the window is not resizable.. unless you can do it with tyhe source.. if yo ufind a way let me know...

15 Aug 1999 07:18 aegand

Tetrinet ROCKs.. you dont NEED gnome to run it.. just some of the libs.. RH6 binary can be downloaded from the or what ever (Dont recall off my head) - it worked straight out with no tweakin..pretty cool.. now i can hammer window ppls asses :)



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