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GTetrinet is a clone of the popular Windows game Tetrinet. It is written for Gtk/GNOME, and is designed to be fully compatible with the original Tetrinet, as well as being identical in gameplay.


Recent releases

  •  29 Nov 2006 13:44

    Release Notes: The long-standing, infinitely duped "crash on first startup" bug was finally fixed. This bug was introduced in GTetrinet back in version 0.6.0. GTetrinet will now remember your last game mode setting, and will not crash on NetBSD/Sparc64 when connecting. A Nepali translation has been added, and others have been updated.

    •  29 Nov 2006 13:44

      Release Notes: Several potential out-of-bounds index accesses were fixed (CVE-2006-3125). Some other minor fixes were made, and some translations were updated.

      •  12 May 2005 17:17

        Release Notes: Encoding of data handling was revamped, fixing the output in areas such as partyline when using UTF-8 locales. Network latency issues have been fixed. Crashes in the channel list code were fixed. Translations have been added and updated.

        •  26 Dec 2004 18:25

          Release Notes: Support for the blocktrix protocol was added. New and updated translations were added.

          •  21 Sep 2004 09:41

            Release Notes: This release regenerates the tarball using automake 1.4 to workaround tar --posix problems.

            Recent comments

            01 Jun 2000 17:44 nifty

            download locations
            Since the download links don't seem to work anywhere for gtetrinet, try searching for ``gtetrinet-0.4.tar.gz'' on, and you should be able to find it without trouble (at least, I was able to :).

            19 May 2000 03:18 cynd

            Tetrinet hosting found.
            Tetrinet can be found at this url


            But download links are broken, have emailed the author requesting version 0.4 for posting.

            11 May 2000 20:02 vinceh

            Alternate Download Location...

            Has version 0.3, unable to find 0.4.

            07 May 2000 03:13 obso

            The links are bad!
            It appears that the links to this are LONG outdated.

            Perhaps someone can provide an alternate download location?

            30 Jan 2000 15:52 bongboy

            segmentation faults
            im running RH 6.1 and everyonce and a while i get a segmentation fault while playing tetrinet and the program freezes, any clue why?


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