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GrypPhon focuses on adding new features to the old concept of a CD player, while maintaining extreme configurability. It is written purely in Python and contains a Linux CD-ROM audio library for Python containing all normal CD-playing features, plus volume control and skipping/searching.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2002 22:54

    Release Notes: The eject-close bug is finally fixed, new "%''s have been added for length, editing of track names has changed, the selection background now darkens on bright backgrounds, empty tracks are now displayed as empty when track formatting is on, the Xtr parser has been rewritten, and lots more.

    •  14 Feb 2002 23:03

      Release Notes: An extra custom column feature has been added. 2 new '%''s have been added. An important bug in the column resizing code has been fixed. The edit box has been redesigned a bit for ease of use. Playlist mode when reading from a CDDB file has been fixed. Play/pause and a bug where the first track title was changed to the last track title have been fixed. The eject code has been reworked.

      •  24 Jan 2002 03:12

        Release Notes: Ability to change foreground/background per CD, disc-wide formatting support, 3 new '%''s (%nn, %nu, and %nl for numbers), a rewrite of the tracklist column resizing code from scratch, centering formatted titles on y-axis, remembering tracklist on/off (minisize), a fix for a bug in reading CDDB-files, and quieting the clicking in empty area of the tracklist.

        •  16 Jan 2002 02:49

          Release Notes: A fix for a crash on empty drive, and a fix for the colour light-red being yellow.

          •  14 Jan 2002 19:22

            Release Notes: Missing files in 0.2.1 are now included.


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