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26 May 2005 17:19 middleground

2.13-4 Pretty Sweet
Been playing with 2.13-4 and it is pretty sweet. Some minor bugs, but generally pretty solid and functional.

14 Mar 2005 06:31 mschering

Re: LDAP Support

> Does any one knows about LDAP support

> status on

> this project?? When I tested, version

> 2.06, LDAP was

> broken.


> Regards,

> LD

LDAP is still not finnished. We want to get that up and running in May.

13 Mar 2005 08:37 dlucio

LDAP Support
Does any one knows about LDAP support status on

this project?? When I tested, version 2.06, LDAP was




04 Mar 2005 15:01 archinon

Strong Contender
Just installed Group Office 2.11a last night. The installation went really smooth. I was really surprised how intuitive the install script was. After I installed group office, I had all sorts of fun with PHP "Safe Mode" and open_basedir restrictions but I smoothed out all the wrinkles and have to say. . . awesome job guys. This is a really powerful Groupware application with style and speed.

I have tried just about everyone of them out there. This application is a strong contender against the commercial apps - Office4, Share360 even EdgeDesk

Keep up the great work guys.

12 Nov 2004 03:09 Adesso

Some Bugs strill exist
I installed this 2.09 of your and must say that it has great potential. I am a little concerned that it still contains plenty of errors like :

Web site creating/publishing problems

Email sending not working

Tasks and ToDo not working

News plugin is still not working and has a default German layout

As for the rest it really looks great ..

I hope that future versions will get better ..

02 Sep 2004 13:12 mschering

Re: Stay Away !!!
If you don't get it installed properly and you need help. You can get support from Intermesh. We are glad to help you but we don't do everything for free. Sorry but we need to make a living too. Please don't start to complain about the free version. If you don't like help to improve it or stay away yourself. Don't talk bad about our fine product that many people actually like very much.

02 Sep 2004 13:08 mschering

New version released
After vacation and a very busy time there's finnaly a new version. It's well tested so upgrading is recommended. This version comes with iCaldendar and vCalendar support and more.

09 Jul 2004 14:18 NomadCF

Stay Away !!!
Here's a direct quote from the "writers"

Intermesh does not support the community version in any way! If you want support you contact Intermesh for the Professional version and get support.

That just goes to tell you how much they stand behind there product. Which they don't. They've got poor MIME support, File upload modules doesn't work, There php coding skills are extremly poor. I mean there so called module addon's are just drop in and install as they claim. In order to use Other modules that otheres have wrote you must hand edit there theme file (ALL there theme files) Else you can't have a new module have a icon in menu bar.

In my option I'd avoid this produce and stick with Squirrelmail or another type of groupware.

Version in Question : 2.05 and CVS

18 Mar 2004 08:58 mschering

18 March 2004: Group-Office popularity is grows enormously!
With the 2.03 verion just released Group-Office has already been downloaded 30.000 times. Ranked nr. 16 at Sourceforge and has a million hits per month! Check out the statistics. ( target=_blank)

13 Mar 2004 03:04 mschering

Vote for Group-Office!
You can vote for Group-Office at the LinuxUser & Developer Awards 2004 for catagories Best Open-Source or Linux software and Best server application. Go here to vote:


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