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Greenstone is a complete digital library creation, management, and distribution package for Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X. Users create collections by gathering a set of input documents, specifying a configuration file, and running the build script. It provides full-text and fielded searching, browsable indexes, customised formatting, metadata extraction (acronyms, languages, etc), a Z39.50 client, and many other features. It supports many input formats, the interface is configurable and multi-lingual, and collections can be distributed on the Web or on CD-ROM.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2007 12:41

    Release Notes: This release fixed authentication bugs on Windows and bugs in the remote GLI. Interface improvements were made in GLI. New 'NoText' metadata can be used to suppress the dummy text. The remote GLI now works on IIS 6. Open on the File menu is now disabled while a collection is loading to prevent exceptions. You can now double click an index to bring up the 'Edit Index' window. Catalan and Vietnamese GLI interfaces were added. There were also other improvements and bugfixes.

    •  06 Oct 2005 06:00

      Release Notes: This "stable" release had no major new features, but included many bugfixes and minor improvements.

      •  02 Mar 2005 23:20

        Release Notes: A new installer. Much improved GLI compatibility with Java 1.5.0. The ability to import documents exported from DSpace and vice versa. A smarter HTMLPlug that blocks the images in the HTML files it processes, and no others. New GLI metadata sets: Qualified Dublin Core, NZGLS, AGLS, and RFC 1807. Lucene building support (for real this time). An improved and much more bandwidth-efficient GLI applet. Support for sub-fields in the Greenstone Editor for Metadata Sets (GEMS). Many other improvements and bugfixes.

        •  03 Jul 2003 04:13

          Release Notes: This version includes the "Greenstone Librarian Interface", a tool for collecting, expanding and building digital libraries. It gives users access to Greenstone's functionality from an easy-to-use 'point and click' interface. Other important changes include a new plugin for importing data from Perl's DBI interface, a new plugin for parsing records from OAI servers, improvements to MGPP configuration, and many bugfixes and other improvements.

          •  26 May 2001 06:57

            Release Notes: Version 2.35 includes many plugin enhancements, including bzip2 support, improved PDF and Word document handling, an updated ImagePlug (Unix only), and optional XML files for adding extra metadata. A Russian translation of the user interface has also been added. Documents are now stored as XML. Greenstone now works on MaxOS X (or any POSIX system), and the new CORBA interface gives other programs access to Greenstone collections.


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