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DEPS (formerly known as graph-includes) is a set of tools and libraries which allows users to extract dependency information from arbitrary material (e.g. program source files), apply various transformations to this graph, and draw it. It is typically used as helper tool for a refactoring effort, to create a graph of dependencies between groups of source files. Readability and usability of the dependency graphs are currently improved by customizable grouping of several source files into a single node, coloring of nodes belonging to given groups, and transitive reduction of the graph.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Feb 2006 06:40

    Release Notes: The default project class is not confused any more by leading "./" in paths. Dependencies are now correctly found again on Windows. A new node style to show statistics about group members was added. The documentation was updated.

    •  03 Feb 2006 07:01

      Release Notes: Graphs of grouped nodes now only include the defined groups. The new --consolidate flag is now available to merge such graphs to get the old behavior. As a side-effect, this flag also controls the highest group-level of the nodes to be drawn, in place of the --group flag, which was temporarily removed. The uniqueincludes project class, which has been broken since 0.6, has been fixed, as was the calculation of edge weights. A project is now made of a set of graphs, themselves connected as a graph, representing the transformations used to produce them from the other graphs. Most APIs changed consequently.

      •  06 Dec 2005 21:56

        Release Notes: Ported to non-Unix platforms (tested on Windows). This release has finally implemented/fixed node group coloring. A default path for system-includes lookup has been added.

        •  29 Nov 2005 00:24

          Release Notes: Adds the ability to generate graphs for the Tulip OpenGL-based graph renderer, in addition to Graphviz.

          •  02 Nov 2005 22:08

            Release Notes: Documentation on how to use this program has been improved.


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