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01 Nov 2004 02:50 hebertrich

Re: At last!
I found that a lot of the " speed " is directly related to
the size of your database. the larger it is the slower it gets.
This is why they are developping a new version using
a real database. It will speed up things considerably
for those of us who have way over 10000 people in our
tree. Do like we do.. Hang on .. Gramps is heading for
the stars :) Alternatively ...if you know python , stop complaining and start hacking ;)

23 Jun 2004 15:18 paxmark1

Re: At last!
Does not go into Mand 9.2 easy at all. Dependencies really a problem. Very extremely difficult.

On Mandrake 10.0 official, it goes in, but that puter is a 350 mhz - slow slow slow.

I know the genealogy types - a lot of them run older computers that they want to keep around.

This is not for them.

04 Jun 2003 13:05 jpmcc

At last!
I've been looking for an open-source genealogy project that I could use instead of Brother's Keeper. After lots of disappointments, I came across gramps. Try it - it does the job - and it exports to html and Great product.

17 Sep 2002 17:50 srwain

An Impressive Software and Paradigm of Open Source Development
This is not just a drawing program, GRAMPS is
an impressive software to help you on your
Genealogical Research. Other software are graphics centered, GRAMPS is information oriented, you can visualize your information too, but the power of GRAMPS (IMHO) is that you can organize all your Genealogical Research around it.

GRAMPS is written in Python, you can add quickly your own extensions. And beyond its alpha state, I think it shares the idea focus with projects like Apache-httpd, GCC, Gnome and so on.


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