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GRAL is a library for creating high quality plots and charts in Java. Many plot types are available like scatter plot, bubble plots, line plots, area plots, pie charts, and bar charts. Additionally, GRAL can exchange and process data (smoothing), and various plug-ins allow the import and export of data and graphics to formats like CSV, JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF, or SVG.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2013 00:00

    Release Notes: This release brings many important API changes and changes to the version control and build system: the API changed because plot settings were replaced by regular Java properties. Be aware that this will break legacy code. The version control system was migrated from ?Subversion to ?git, and the old repository will be faded out. ?Gradle replaces Maven as the build system. However, Maven projects can still get all versions of GRAL from the Maven repository.

    •  12 May 2013 09:09

      Release Notes: This release brings support for arbitrary data types for data sources, improved statistics and import functionality, two new plot types (box-and-whisker, raster), support for automatic axis scaling and secondary axes, greatly-improved interactive navigation, localization, better documentation, and numerous bugfixes.


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      Project Spotlight

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