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GQview is an image viewer for X windows. Features include single click file viewing, external editor support, thumbnail previews, thumbnail caching, and adjustable zoom. GQView has the ability to compare files and list similar or duplicate images based on content. Full screen view and slideshows allow for basic presentation of images. The program offers simple image file management with the ability to copy, move, rename, and delete files. Image collections, similar to a song playlist, are also supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Dec 2006 14:16

    Release Notes: This release fixes several crashes, minor bugs in the user interface, and printing of transparent images.

    •  03 Dec 2006 14:15

      Release Notes: This release adds color profile support, adds the ability to delete folders, and understands more raw file formats with embedded JPEGs.

      •  04 Nov 2006 23:14

        Release Notes: A command to view the image in grayscale was added. A --geometry command line option was added. This release also continues progress on the Pan View, and it can now display EXIF data and the full size image in the popup balloon. Improved search shortcuts were added.

        •  04 Nov 2006 23:13

          Release Notes: This maintenance release adds translations for Basque and Esperanto, uses new window icons, and fixes several bugs.

          •  15 Oct 2006 09:09

            Release Notes: Small bugfixes and many translation updates were made.

            Recent comments

            02 Nov 2005 17:06 scheckler

            Great image viewer, only one problem
            like many other posters, I have tried others, but GQView is definitely the best. I've used it on all kinds of linux machines, even older boxes, with no real problems.

            The only problem I have with it is when browsing large collections over a network share on a slower link (11Mbps wireless). When opening the first image, it takes a really long time to load, since gqview seems to be grabbing something about every image on load. No, I'm not enabling thumbnails. Is there a way to stop this behavior?

            25 Apr 2005 21:03 thomp

            definitely a winner
            i've tried 'the other viewers' several times now (seems to be roughly an annual ritual) but keep ending up back at gqview -- the straightforward interface and ability to handle a wide variety of image formats are real winners when all you need is a good bitmap viewer...

            14 May 2004 04:54 rvb

            great improvement
            the gtk2 version of gqview has become a lot faster compared to the gtk1 one. i always loved gqview as an image-viewer but found it way too slow. But the gtk2 version rocks. :)

            30 Mar 2004 12:01 1ng0

            a great piece of software :o]

            i just installed version 1.4.1 (via my distributions package-management) some minutes ago and i was completely surprised and satisfied. coming from gimageview which had some limitation in handling for me - gqview is really great, the way i like it





            05 Nov 2003 05:22 polar88bear

            File names display in thumbnail view

            I've just downloaded and installed GQView 1.34. I
            must say that it is the fastest, most stable and
            complete open source image viewer package I
            have tried. (Other image viewers I have tried
            include gwenview, showimg, gthumb, imgseek,
            pixieplus etc).

            However, it is very pity that file names are not
            displayed in thumbnail (or icon) view as oppose to
            other packages.


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