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17 Apr 2000 12:47 foxpaw

GQmpeg Home Page
Apparently it has moved to: (

Found that with a little search on Google.

01 Apr 2000 13:07 drrobin

GQMPEG Site...
Although is down, you can still get the stuff at:

I'm guessing that their name server croaked

01 Apr 2000 08:58 starface

Source files
Well, for right now you can get the source files from debian. They have the raw stuff archived, as well as a debianized patch.

27 Feb 2000 13:27 evandro

the best mp3 player for X11. very small and fast.

the themes can change the look to whatever you want.

16 Jan 2000 10:58 sanityimp

is he dead?
Did the author get hit by a train or something?
he seems to have ceased all development. I emailed him but havent gotten a responce. I think ill start hacking at this to get some recursive directory support and what not into it. cant promise anything.

23 Apr 1999 05:57 debug

Yep looks graet on me linux box,
What about an HPUX system, any body got sum binnaries


05 Apr 1999 20:05 surak

Compiled fine for me.
Debian 2.1 box w/ some old (i.e., not the latest glibc 2.1 based) GTK+ 1.2 debs installed in order to get x11amp alpha1 to compile.

03 Apr 1999 12:48 garf

Gqmpeg 5.1
Anyone got this to compile?

25 Jan 1999 00:20 hitch

great LOOKING, but...
I have a lot of problems with it causing sigsev errors...
and the cpu usage and time functions seem to be broken with the last two releases.
other than that, I like it.
it loads playlists nicely on execution - a must have for a cron alarm clock.


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