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gqlplus is a front-end to the Oracle command-line utility sqlplus for Unix. It is functionally nearly identical to sqlplus, with the addition of command-line editing and history similar to tcsh and bash, as well as table name and column name completion.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Dec 2006 09:51

    Release Notes: A SIGSEGV that occurred when using SQLPATH was fixed. An ACCEPT command was implemented. The DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable (the Mac OS X version of LD_LIBRARY_PATH) was added along with an NLS_DATE_FORMAT environment variable. A -p command-line switch that displays a progress report and elapsed time information was added. SIGTERM is now used to kill sqlplus. ORACLE_PATH was added to the environment.

    •  25 Jan 2006 01:00

      Release Notes: This release links with the ncurses library instead of the obsolete curses, passes the NLS_COMP and NLS_SORT environment variables to sqlplus, disables table name completion if we cannot parse table information returned by the ALL_TABLES/ALL_VIEWS query, fixes a /nolog crash, detects abnormal sqlplus termination after the CONNECT command, and rescans tables for completion.

      •  03 Jul 2005 05:42

        Release Notes: Support for Oracle "instantclient" was added. An endless loop in file_set_editor() was fixed. Autoconf is used to build gqlplus. The readline library is distributed with the program to ease porting. /nolog handling was fixed. strtok_r() was removed to improve portability. The "set time on" command is correctly handled in the presence of a user-defined SQL prompt.

        •  04 Jul 2004 03:12

          Release Notes: This release fixes handling of multi-line SQL statements where SET TIME ON is in effect, supports the ACCEPT command, fixes a PAUSE command crash in case of the default prompt ("SQL> "), opens Emacs in a separate window when using it as an external command editor, implements the correct rules when searching for definition of command editor, and now displays full information for the '- V' and '-H' commandline options.

          •  05 Nov 2003 03:49

            Release Notes: In this version, 'PAUSE' and 'SET PAUSE' commands are now supported. It no longer crashes if invoked like gqlplus and the database is closed. The 'EDIT fname' command now works correctly. There are also some bugfixes.


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