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GPStrans is a program which allows track, route, and waypoint data to be transferred to and from a Garmin GPS. It also supports Mayko mXmap formats which enable you to create a route using your 'favorite' map and load the data into the GPS. Tracks retrieved from your Garmin GPS can be transferred back into your Mayko mXmap-capable application and replayed under Linux. Garmin 38, 40, 45XL, ..., 90, Etrex, and Etrex Summit models are supported. It also reads the current time, retrieves product data, and can turn the GPS off.


Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2001 22:17

    Release Notes: Altitude support for etrex waypoint download has been added. There are man page corrections and changes. The default model has been changed to n to avoid mysterious failures after upgrades. The deb dir has been removed. The source code is now indented (GNU style). Waypoints now work with GPSII+. Calculation of UTM zone and conversion from UTM to lat-lon have been fixed. The comments for waypoints are now left justified in the file (the upload code sent the comment with all the extra spaces right justified) added. There is also some code cleanup (warnings from gps/dms.c and grid/kkj.c (the kkj.c fix may not really be correct)).

    •  04 Mar 2001 08:26

      Release Notes: Code cleanups and minor fixes, replacing the -tm commandline option with -z, config support for etrex and other models, preparing the setup to support all garmin models (code), corrections to download of waypoints for etrex and other models, a fix for isblank() to be fully ANSI-compliant, and updates to the uninstall to remove ~/.gpstrans.

      •  19 Feb 2001 06:06

        Release Notes: Some code clean-up Time command now works with etrex and other models Added TODO list Minor code changes

        •  10 Mar 2000 21:42

          Release Notes: Additional support for Swedish grid.

          •  23 Jan 1999 19:22

            Release Notes: This version adds mXmap support and major source cleanups.


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