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22 Mar 2004 10:33 maphew

I'm not the developer!
Note that I don't really know anything about gps explorer. I too have had troubles getting it to work. I stuck it up on freshmeat in the hopes that a programmer would be interested in the project and get it working better. :)

--- "Matt.Wilkie" wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I've just discovered
>> .Are you
>> still working on this project?
>> I'm having trouble getting started and could use a
>> few pointers (I am not a
>> programmer).
>> I'm willing to spend some time revamping your
>> website, but I want to make
>> sure the project is active first.

It is somewhat active.

It does work, but the downloading program is not soo
good since it can't handle new maps version 4 and
above (separate search database). So downloading is a
somewhat closed project.

The extraction program there are lots of active users
in especially in the eastern europe. It works
perfectly for them they report too me.


I also invited the author ( to take over ownership of the project here at Freshmeat but he didn't respond to that query.



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