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10 Mar 2002 14:25 bergo

Re: Appearance
The project is still maintained, but it's not my primary focus anymore (which has become eboard), so I'm less likely to
add new features. Sorry for not replying to your message, it's still in my gps mail folder but I must have been busy at the time and the message ended up forgotten there :-(

Yes, I still accept contributions, code contributions are preferred. Also, I'm no longer maintaining the FreeBSD-specific code,
and am interested in handling it to someone else.

11 Oct 2001 05:49 learfox


The overall layout is not very intuitive, many
of the menu items are in obtuse locations and
it isn't as easy to use as it could be.

Still, overall I feel its one of the better
process viewers.

However I am not sure if its maintained, I
never got a response from the author for some

17 Apr 2000 17:11 mordant

`Aesthetical' isn't a word.
Try `Aesthetic'.

Neat app - thanks!


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