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GPM (General Purpose Mouse) is a mouse server for the console and xterm, with sample clients included (emacs, etc).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 2012 22:39

    Release Notes: This release adds a fix to prevent inclusion of unwanted binary data, adds many cleanups, fixes hyphen-used-as-minus-sign issues in manpages, prevents building a static libgpm by default, and requires to create a setup version in autoconf.

    •  09 Feb 2009 10:24

      Release Notes: Some cleanups were made. fcntl.h is included rather than unistd.h for open(). The gcc warning "control reaches end of non-void function" was fixed. Building with libtool-2 was fixed.

      •  24 Jul 2008 13:01

        Release Notes: Changes from 1.20.4 and 1.20.5 were merged. The whole source code was reindented. Unecessary GLIBC hacks were removed. Some build cleanups were applied.

        •  16 Jun 2008 23:07

          Release Notes: A possible segfault (negative input for FD_SET) has been fixed. More messages have been moved to the debug level. Unnecessary headers have been removed. This release allows specifying ELISP variables on the command line. It fixes broken code semantics, cleans up the documentation, fixes a socklen_t issue (requires a POSIX header), fixes building with glibc 2.8, and updates the library to version 2.1.0. Gpm_GetLibVersion behaves more consistently (all numbers are one or two digits). This release includes a dynamically generated version from git.

          •  30 May 2008 08:00

            Release Notes: Typographical errors were corrected. An automatic local build test was added. SONAME was fixed.

            Recent comments

            25 Jan 2011 01:29 Romster

            Website is 404-ing.

            01 Jun 2007 11:37 bogz

            Trying out new changes
            I'm excited to see new changes to gpm! I can't wait to play with them (even if it doesn't compile right away).

            I've got a synaptics touch pad that doesn't "scroll" with the version from the ubuntu repo.

            13 Jun 2002 02:11 kraylus

            gpm doesnt work after shutting down X
            gpm works just fine at boot. no problemo. when i start X up it'll even work sometimes when i switch from X to the console. sometimes when i do that however, i get an error that says "== ERROR == /var/tmp/portage/gpm-.1.20.0" (im running gentoo)

            when i shut down X, it does that too, but it happens just about everytime (it managed to NOT happen twice). the way i installed gpm was via the portage system built into gentoo. i've posted numerous posts on the message boards asking for help and was even accused in the #gentoo chat that it was MY settings and not the OS. *MY* settints are correct. i have a ps/2 logitech wheel mouse and i've got MOUSE=PS/2 and MOUSEDEV=/dev/psaux

            someone said that i could use the -R option to sync X and the gpm server or some such but i didn't quite get it. i read the manpage concerning that but it's a bit over my head.

            please help! i've used gpm in other distros with NO problems whatsoever. i rely on it probably way too much. this is really bothering me :(



            23 Feb 2002 15:59 SumDog

            Oh my gosh! I remember building a Linux from scratch and having to get a howto to fix the compile problem. I can't belive after all this time the project has actually been updated. Awesome! Feel the power of the console!

            20 Oct 2001 22:50 codeword

            Re: Curses!
            Hrm.. I was trying to write a small ncurses program
            that had mouse support and I wasn't linking against
            libgpm but I took your advice and linked against it.
            Still, mouse support only works in X :( Do you have
            any other ideas? ...I guess the mailing list
            isn't such a bad idea. :)

            > I'm not sure what you mean, but AFAIK
            > the application must support and be
            > linked against libgpm for mouse support
            > on Linux console. A few applications
            > from Slackware 8.0 support it, Midnight
            > Commander one of them. And forget it if
            > you're using GNU screen since it's not
            > supported (yet). BTW, you can recompile
            > ncurses with libgpm support to have
            > mouse support with Lynx on console. And
            > yes, they work with XFree86.
            > Anyway, I'm just an user, and gpm is a
            > must. I recommend you write to the
            > mailing-list instead. They know
            > everything and can really help you (the
            > mailing-list is open).


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