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25 Oct 2004 12:25 Electronkz

Re: electronic configuration


> Instead of [Ar]3d10 4s2, it had [Ar]3d1

> 4s2


It is ok in v. 2.0.7.

31 Jan 2004 10:55 dpunsal

electronic configuration
I recently fired up gperiodic to look at the electronic configuration
of Zinc and found it to be wrong. By the way.. I am using debian
stable, so I have gperiodic 1.3.3

Instead of [Ar]3d10 4s2, it had [Ar]3d1 4s2

After clicking around I noticed other elements had incorrect electronic
configurations. I checked them against 'Web of Elements Periodic
which I believe to be a correct source.

I thought to myself... well, it is open source so I could fix it
myself... so I downloaded the source and looked at it, but I have no
idea how to fix it. I saw that the information for the elements was
in src/table_data.c, but the text had superscripts, which I'm not
familiar with in regular ASCII text files.
'file table_date.c' indicates that the code is ISO-8859 format.
I have no experience with this and have no idea to fix it.

Any hints?

I'm not at all an experienced linux hacker/programmer, but I am
interested in perhaps learning more and improving the quality of
gperiodic since I think it is an excellent program, but contains
incorrect information (at least in version 1.3.3.)



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