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GTK Programmers Calendar

The GTK Programmer's Calendar is intended for people who think about time in terms of files and projects, and for people for whom what happened is more important that what will happen (e.g., "what projects did I work on last Thursday?" or "My last three days of work needs to be thrown away; how do I get it out?").

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Aug 2005 11:23

    Release Notes: Many bugfixes were made. The current day is now highlighted. Meta-days are supported (for example, -1225 for December 25th of every year). Time is now supported. Periods are now supported (for example, 20050820P3d for a period of three days starting 2005-08-20). Help was added.

    •  19 Feb 2003 10:04

      Release Notes: Multiple file extensions are now handled correctly. The same code is now used on all platforms by taking advantage of IFDEFs. Entries can now be launched in the background on all platforms. A new graphical installer that does not require GTK was also included.

      •  14 Oct 2002 00:41

        Release Notes: There are several bugfixes. It properly copies files with extensions. Extensions are now shown in the calendar view. It works under Windows again. The internal split string function has a new simple (split string into two) mode.

        •  01 Oct 2002 21:01

          Release Notes: This release has seamless multi-calendar support, allowing you to choose to which calendar you add entries, and cut and paste entries between calendars. It is much smoother. A 'new' entry button has been added to the right click menu which lets you select which calendar to add to. Popup menus have been fixed to close upon a window click. The calendar has been fixed to reload data after a paste/new entry. Documents have been updated. The paste entry lets you choose a calendar in a popup. You can paste into a day that already has entries.

          •  05 Aug 2002 23:46

            Release Notes: More code comments, some code cleanups, and a fix to the nasty configuration window bug where you can not load the configuration menu twice in one session.


            Project Spotlight


            A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


            Project Spotlight

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