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GPAC is a multimedia framework based on the MPEG4 systems standard. It aims to integrate as many "rich media" technologies as possible. It already supports MPEG-4 BIFS, SVG, MPEG-4 LASeR, VRML, and X3D presentations, many audio/video codecs and formats, RTP/RTSP streaming, MPEG-2 TS broadcast, ISO File format and HTTP Streaming (MPEG-DASH and HLS). GPAC provides both a player (Osmo4 / MP4Client) and command line tools (MP4Box and MP42TS).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 May 2012 13:03

    Release Notes: This release has many new features and bugfixes, including: MPEG-DASH and HLS support (players and MP4Box); MPEG-U Widgets and UPnP support in the player; stereo and multiview display support; better AVC and SVC support, including OpenSVC decoder integration; more live tools: RTP, MPEG-TS, T-DMB support, and scene encoders (BIFS and RME/DIMS); iOS and Android support; and many other good things.

    •  02 Jun 2007 10:48

      Release Notes: This release adds many enhancements to SVG and LASeR support, memory optimizations for 2D scenes (BIFS, SVG), and initial Symbian S60 third edition support.

      •  21 Jun 2005 12:40

        Release Notes: This release adds many new features to MP4Box (mp4 file splitting, file concatenation, meta support, and improved AVC/H264 muxing) and a code rewrite in GPAC for fixed-point support.

        •  31 Mar 2005 22:07

          Release Notes: This release includes many improvements on the authoring side, among which more are 3GPP2 tools (media importing, dumping, and hinting), ISMA E&A (ISMACryp) specification (encryption, decryption, and hinting), AVC/H264 tools (import/export/hinting), and more 3GPP/MPEG-4 text support (SUB subtitles and QT TeXML). For the first time since 0.1.4, Osmo4 on PocketPC (2D only) is much more stable and almost usable.

          •  05 Jan 2005 22:07

            Release Notes: This release has 3GPP timed text support, playlist and navigation for Osmo4, h264 support through ffmpeg, MP4Box enhancements, and new GPAC regression tests. There are many fixes.


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