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Gow (GNU On Windows) is a lightweight alternative to Cygwin. It uses a convenient Windows installer that installs about 130 extremely useful open source Unix applications compiled as native Win32 binaries. It is designed to be as small as possible, about 10 MB, as opposed to Cygwin which can run well over 100 MB depending upon options.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2014 21:35

    Release Notes: This release finally makes Gow easy to update and release. It adds an ssh.bat alias for plink, fixes a tar libiconv-2.dll issue, fixes a version name issue, adds Nano 2.3.1, updates PuTTY to 0.63, renames 'sort.exe' to 'gsort.exe', adds cURL 7.35.0, and adds Vim 7.3_46.

    •  30 Sep 2012 23:38

      Release Notes: This release includes a couple minor fixes with a couple of executables (jwhois, tar, etc.) and adds bash.

      •  10 Sep 2012 17:55

        Release Notes: This is the biggest release of Gow to date. Nearly all binaries have been updated (some of which are 5+ years newer), so there are many new features and bugfixes. All source code is included as a separate download.

        •  21 Nov 2011 02:40

          Release Notes: This release updates the wget version to 1.11.4 with SSL. It updates the cURL version to 7.23.1 with SSL. It adds find 4.1 as gfind so that it doesn't interfere with Windows find.exe. It adds sha1sum and rsync 0.0.2.

          •  26 Jul 2010 00:01

            Release Notes: bash 2.03 was added. UnRar was updated to 3.4.3. Putty, pageant, psftp, pscp, and plink were updated to 0.60. The --list option was added to the gow script to list all executables. The --version and --help options were added. The NSIS installer files were upgraded to 2.46, which includes Windows 7 support. The uninstaller now checks for prior installation and prompts to uninstall automatically.

            Recent comments

            29 Nov 2011 12:12 pkun

            Good package, thanks. Can you add a netcat utility?


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