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gospy-applet is a GNOME applet monitoring servers and Web pages. It detects changes in page content, page status, page size, page loading time, IP address, and so on.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Apr 2009 19:39

    Release Notes: This release adds group management for spies (task #409). It fixes a problem with E-Mail alerts. It fixes a problem with the "View diff" button state. It is now possible to reset all spies states at once. Some gcc warnings have been fixed.

    •  11 Feb 2007 23:11

      Release Notes: This release adds a new dependency on libesmtp. The ability to send email alerts when an event occurs has been added. A bug in spies selection has been fixed. Work has been done on spies selection smart interaction between the panel and the main tree view. The ability of insensitive/sensitive search for Web page spies. The ability has been added to specify the HTML section for content search (the whole page, HTML, HEAD, TITLE, META, and so on) for Web page spies.

      •  11 Dec 2006 17:11

        Release Notes: A segfault on spy removal was fixed. A problem with the GNOME "Add to panel" image size was fixed.

        •  11 Dec 2006 03:16

          Release Notes: A lot of segfaults due to bad threads management were fixed. Several memory leaks were fixed. A bug in the page loading time alert limit saving/restoring process was fixed. Now the panel spy icon background color of the current main tree view selected spy is updated along with the tree view selection. All icons were updated (it looks much better now). The GConf schema file target was changed.

          •  20 Nov 2006 15:11

            Release Notes: A lot of new features were added. Debugging was done.

            Recent comments

            02 Jul 2004 10:28 esaracco

            Conflict on name's project with "gspy"
            Someone informs me that my "gspy-applet" project name is in conflict with a already existent project "gspy". So I will rename it "gospy-applet".


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