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GNU xhippo

GNU xhippo is a simple GTK-based playlist manager, designed to play music using mpg123, xmp, or most other commandline-based players while providing a friendly, clean X interface. It is localised in both English and German. Its interface is based upon the Amiga program HippoPlayer. It supports drag-and-drop, has optional GNOME support, and has a simple text-based playlist format compatible with many other players.


Recent releases

  •  03 Feb 2003 21:21

    Release Notes: Optional GTK 2 support has been added (configure with --with-gtk2). mad's libid3tag is now supported for reading ID3 metadata. The manual page and config file are now installed automatically. Drag-and-drop and gettext support have been improved. Various other small bugfixes and code cleanups have been made.

    •  24 Jul 2001 01:15

      Release Notes: The manual is in TeXinfo format, the playlist can be automatically loaded on startup and saved on exit, songs can be removed from the list once played, relative paths are dealt with more sanely, reworking the child process synchronisation, new per-player options (hide output, set pgrp, etc.), clicking on the status line shows info for the current song, and various bugfixes and cleanups.

      •  05 May 2001 04:14

        Release Notes: New features: internationalization via gettext (new locales wanted), "Previous" button and random play history, more keyboard accelerators, directories can now be added recursively, ID3v2 support through id3lib, config file parser and format improved, new sorting methods, songs and directories can be specified on the command line. Minor interface improvements, and a couple of bugs fixed.

        •  27 Mar 2001 01:52

          Release Notes: User-defined menu items, improved status reporting in mini mode, an alternative filename display mode, and numerous bugfixes and code cleanups.

          •  22 Jan 2001 23:15

            Release Notes: The playlist can now be sorted by mtime as well as name, and a couple of minor bugs have been fixed.


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