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GNU Trueprint

Trueprint is a program for printing source code in a variety of languages (C is the best supported) and other text files to postscript printers. It supports a wealth of options to support printing source code, such as diff-marking, line numbers, indentation levels, file and function indices, and many others.


Recent releases

  •  18 Feb 2000 22:03

    Release Notes: A fix for a small bug that caused trueprint to ignore the double/single-sided specification for printers in the printers file.

    •  17 Feb 2000 08:23

      Release Notes: GNU Trueprint should now install nicely on all platforms. The major changes in version 5.2 are that the correct install tool is used, various changes have been made to the Makefile to be better behaved, particularly for RPM and other package generation, the missing colon was added back to the printers file, -u will suppress all page-furniture lines and stuff and just leave the text, and support for comments has been added.

      •  28 Oct 1999 22:05

        Release Notes: The major difference from 5.0 is that this new version should include all source files needed to compile it on standard Unix platforms. There are a few minor tweaks too - see the NEWS file for details.

        •  22 Jul 1999 09:13

          Release Notes: Version 5.0 is the first GNU release. There are no major functionality differences between version 4.2 and version 5.0.

          Recent comments

          07 Mar 2000 22:16 lezz

          GNU enscript/GNU trueprint
          GNU enscript is a powerful program for generating postscript output. It has a host of options and can
          do lots of things.

          GNU Trueprint is designed to be as simple to use as possible. It also has lots of options but it tries hard
          to do what you want out-of-the-box. It isn't quite as flexible as enscript, but most people just want
          a pretty way to print source code - they don't want to have to learn postscript-specific options. Thus,
          while trueprint doesn't give you a way to specify fonts, it does give you a way to leave space for
          a holepunch.

          22 Jul 1999 10:34 walles

          GNU Enscript?
          What's the difference between this and GNU Enscript?


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