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GNU Parted is a package for creating, destroying, resizing, checking, and copying partitions and the file systems on them. This is useful for creating space for new operating systems, reorganizing disk usage, copying data between hard disks, and disk imaging. It contains a library, libparted, and a command-line frontend, parted, which also serves as a sample implementation and script backend.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Aug 2007 06:02

    Release Notes: The software is now licensed under version 3 of the GPL. Bugs were fixed in parted and partprobe with the addition of a --dry-run option to partprobe. Read/write improvements were made for BSD, Amiga, and DASD disk labels. The testing framework was improved. Memory leaks were fixed. Ext2 fs creation was fixed. Initial support was added for 2K logical sector sizes for MSDOS disk labels.

    •  10 May 2007 01:25

      Release Notes: This release fixes compile problems on certain platforms, corrects option parsing errors, fixes problems with script mode, and has other UI improvements.

      •  20 Mar 2007 21:36

        Release Notes: This release addresses a problem with the linux-swap filesystem type. A change was introduced that created the linux-swap(new) and linux-swap(old) filesystem types. This change is still present in the development branch, but deemed not appropriate for the stable tree, so this release has reverted to the previous usage of 'linux-swap' as the filesystem type to maintain compatibility with other projects.

        •  20 Mar 2007 06:24

          Release Notes: Missing po translation files were included.

          •  19 Mar 2007 22:51

            Release Notes: Minor build-related bugfixes for the 1.8.3 release.

            Recent comments

            22 Nov 2003 17:07 tmillard

            Can we merge partitions?
            I have Red Hat 5.0 and I want to get Linux From Scratch installed. My hard disk is laid out like this:

            /dev/hda1 = Microfat-DOS 6.22
            /dev/hdb1 = Home dir
            /dev/hdb2 = Swap
            /dev/hdb3 = Red Hat Linux 5.0 (About 300 MB.)
            /dev/hdb4 = Future LFS (About 800 MB.)

            After I get LFS installed I want to merge or outher wise re-use my Red Hat partition.
            Is it possable to use GNU Parted to merge them together?

            27 Jun 2002 06:51 epostma

            Great program! The following just happened to me while moving my root partition to reiserfs: I first shrunk the ext2 filesystem and the partition it's on to make space for a new partition to temporarily store the contents of / while I changed / to reiserfs, then moved it all back to /, deleted the temporary partition and then finally wanted to resize / back to its original size. I don't know why but parted didn't want to change the size of the partition with resize just because it can't handle reiserfs sufficiently well. So I decided that I'd use cfdisk for this last step instead. Wrong! I ended up with an unusable partition. Fortunately parted has a `rescue partition' option which in my case actually worked! So I'm typing this off my newly rescued partition. Thanks!

            Now I just got to figure out a way to resize the partition. Resizing the filesystem afterwards ought not to be much of a problem (with resize_reiserfs).

            08 Dec 2001 08:29 whetphish

            NTFS Support
            How's about implementing NTFS support?


            17 Apr 2001 00:14 slipwalker

            Re: Any Feedback?

            > I wonder if
            > there's a nice frontend or something
            > like that to this program.

            i guess nParted

            ( )

            is what you are looking for...

            05 Feb 2001 08:04 petis776

            Re: Any Feedback?

            > Hi, I was just wondering how successful
            > this was. I need to shrink an existing

            I shrunk (sp?) my root partition using the bootdisk with parted that is available from If it's not your root partition you don't have to get the boot disk.. Anyway, it worked like a charm, this is an excellent piece of software!


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