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GNU-Monitor is a transactional monitor that allows client/server applications to be developed with minimal effort. It consists of transaction routing modules that ensure data integrity and recovery on abnormal termination.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Jun 2007 21:16

    Release Notes: New services .get_server_list and .get_service_list to get configuration info using the gm_cfgview tool. A new service .log-level to dynamically change levels of information on log files. A final solution for some transaction bugs.

    •  04 Sep 2006 06:04

      Release Notes: The manual that forms the documentation of the project has been extended and corrected.

      •  24 Aug 2006 06:05

        Release Notes: This release adds new "encolados" services which are implemented by a store and forward server called "gm_squeue".

        •  06 Dec 2005 15:19

          Release Notes: The gm_timer server was added, which implements a timer events manager. The gm_buffer server was added, which implements shredding of buffers between servers. New The .get_server_list function from the gm_config server was added, as well as a client that calls it. The Spanish version of the documentation was updated. The samples were updated.

          •  04 Oct 2004 02:34

            Release Notes: This release includes services for transactional control and implementation of shared memory for configuration parameters. The documentation and samples have been updated to reflect changes in the project.

            Recent comments

            18 May 2007 11:00 tino

            Documented in Spanish language only
            This project is documented in Spanish, a language I cannot understand. Translation services are not of much help in such technical areas, so even that this program looks and sounds pretty interesting, I cannot even understand a bit of it.

            Also I was unable to find any trace of an English overview. It does not come often that something looks so interesting, so this missing doc must be taken as a sad thing.

            Please add english documentation and then update your FM entry to reflect the change such that FM notifies me. Please note that English is not my mother tongue.


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