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01 Jun 2008 13:29 katelin

Gnumeric is the best
Gnumeric is probably the best piece of software on the Linux desktop to date. Compliments to the devs on their hard work; especially for the amount of polish that has gone into it!

02 Nov 2005 07:28 jsikorski

Version 1.6 is a huge step forward for Gnumeric. Barring any undiscovered bugs that may prohibit me from using it, it's now my spreadsheet of choice under Linux. I'm especially impressed with the added configurability of the chart plugin.


23 Jun 2004 10:00 jdassen

Re: Disappointed... just a toy (yet)

> I am using 1.0.8 (in Debian 3.0 stable),

That version is slightly over two years old (I uploaded 1.0.8-1t1 on Jun 18 2002). As much as I love Debian stable for a server system, it is unsuitable for many desktop users as its components are simply too old.

For a desktop system, Debian testing ( or unstable ( are better choices (provided you understand and accept the caveats). If you absolutely must run Debian stable, there's a GNOME 2.2 backport ( for it which includes a gnumeric 1.2.x package.

15 Apr 2004 12:20 telcontar

Disappointed... just a toy (yet)
I am using 1.0.8 (in Debian 3.0 stable), and while gnumeric can sometimes fill an important gap in the Linux desktop, I'm overall disappointed by its shocking incompleteness. I would *never* give such a project the "one dot oh" monicker.

First, a fatal bug prevents using any non-ASCII characters. With each save, these characters get garbled more, so after saving and loading the spreadsheet, it is completely useless.

Then, there is still no function reference(!) in 1.0! The link to the web page shows a useless page with no direct link to a user manual or reference! The "alphabetical list of functions" that one can find using a web search is in fact not alphabetical!

There are other minor issues, which are not crucial. However, if such issues as the ones mentioned above are not resolved, it is not suprising that people dismiss Linux office applications as toys.

01 Aug 2001 09:02 martinmv

Printing ISO Latin2 characters
There ( is a script for printing ISO Latin2 characters.

07 Apr 2000 13:45 bneely

Review of Gnumeric 0.48
Linuxcare has published a review of Gnumeric 0.48 as part of its App of the Week column.
Read the review!

18 Jan 2000 20:22 brainless

Wrong URL
There is one error at your page

The URL for downloading gnumeric is NOT
rather the CORRECT url is

Hope you change your listing accordingly.


Feel free to contact me at

04 May 1999 11:43 tcg

Zoom thingy
What can I say ? Miguel Ruels .. and so does that nice zoom feature !


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