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28 Nov 2011 16:35 thel

I've been using GnuCash for a little over a year now, couldn't be happier.

15 Nov 2008 21:55 bcrowell

performace problems
This is just an initial impression, after migrating my wife's Quicken data to GnuCash, but I'm really disappointed in GnuCash's performance. It takes a minute and 20 seconds to start up, which is a couple of orders of magnitude longer than I'd consider good, and an order of magnitude longer than I'd consider reasonable.

15 Nov 2005 08:22 jeffcovey

nice to see 1.8.12! :)
it's been so long, i'm afraid i'd more or less thought

gnucash had been abandoned.

18 Jan 2002 00:08 fredlwm

Re: Gnome required?
It requires the dependencies, but you can use it on any window manager or desktop.

17 Jan 2002 19:12 mr6pope

Gnome required?
The website says that Gnome is required to run GnuCash, is this really true? I run fvwm2, and run plenty of Gnome apps. I want to give GnuCash a shot, but I don't want to have to change my window manager just for this.

29 Apr 2000 19:07 gregstoll

Very nice piece of software! I'm now using it instead of Moneydance.

23 Mar 2000 09:43 whitemice

It works
The latest release og GNUCash is quite functional and stable, I finally switched from Xacc. There are basic reports, the registers work very nicely, and are almost a work of art. The best thing is that you can set a register to only view transactions in a date range, very very nice if you have accounts with high numbers of transactions. Now if only I could use it with an ODBC backend....


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