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gnuboy emulates the Color GameBoy handheld console in portable C, with interfaces for X11, Linux fbcon and svgalib, SDL, DOS, and Windows, with other ports planned in the future. Compatibility with ROMs tested is around 99 percent, and all major hardware features except SGB extensions are supported. With the optional optimized i386 assembly code, gnuboy can run at the full 60 FPS even on Pentium/75s and below. No special libraries are required to compile, and gnuboy is known to build on many *nix variants.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Apr 2001 13:02

    Release Notes: This release marks a feature freeze in preparation for 1.0 stable, which is likely to be the next version if all goes well. Several bugs in the i386 assembly cpu emulation core, which caused visual glitches in Pokemon Yellow and a crash in Montezuma's Return, have been fixed. A minor visual glitch in Alleyway has been corrected as well. Minor new features include support for hardware scaling on the Linux console with matroxfb (MGA G200/G400 only at this time), and more optimized scalers for particular scale factors.

    •  03 Apr 2001 17:22

      Release Notes: Hardware YUV-space screen scaling has been integrated (currently only in the SDL port). This allows scaling the screen image to any size with virtually no increase in CPU usage. Several bugs have been fixed as well, including one that prevented the impressive homebrew game Binary Chaos from working.

      •  01 Apr 2001 16:18

        Release Notes: Many emulation bigfixes. Games that used to fail but are now playable include the GBC Konami Collection series, Worms Armageddon, and Turok 3. Timer-related sound bugs were fixed in Spiderman (GBC version) and Bionic Commando: Elite Forces. SDL_HWSURFACE mode no longer crashes on Windows, so it is now always enabled, which improves performance considerably in some situations. The new screen scaling code is slightly faster and supports more scale factors: 2x, 3x, and 4x.

        •  27 Mar 2001 01:52

          Release Notes: Options have been added for primitive but very fast screen scaling (only by a factor of two), and for static palette (3/3/2 bit per channel) in 256 color mode to better support highcolor games on 8bpp displays. Several emulation bugs have been fixed; now Daedalian Opus and Super RC Pro-Am are playable and some graphical glitches are fixed in Spiderman GBC. Other minor compiletime and runtime bugs have been fixed, and performance may be improved under certain conditions.

          •  24 Mar 2001 11:28

            Release Notes: A major bug was fixed that could cause saved states to be loaded incorrectly, sometimes rendering them useless or difficult to recover. Various fixes have been made in the SDL sound code, and fullscreen mode may now work on Windows. The DOS port is now entirely thinlib-based; it supports more video modes (although the method of selecting them is slightly different) and should handle keyboard input much better, without the occasional stuck key problems that some users experienced before. Various optimizations have also been made to the graphics code, improving performance noticably on low-end systems.

            Recent comments

            22 Aug 2001 19:58 internutt

            Link capabilities
            This is an overall very well-done piece of open source work. The support for games is amazing. And gameplay is quite uninterrupted by bugs that feature in many other emulators.
            Features that I would like to see include the link capability, which is currently entirely missing, and force coloring of regular gameboy cartridges.

            24 Mar 2001 10:56 idcmp

            Gameboy Color
            If you're looking for a Gameboy Color emulator for
            Linux, then this is exactly what you're looking
            for (there are alot of half-done, partially broken
            GBC emu's out there for Linux; this is not one of


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