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22 May 2003 15:14 klook

Works OK, but no multisession CDs on 2.4 kernel!! Arggghhh!!!

14 Feb 2003 13:58 emil5

not perfect but quite good
Unfortunatly all those gui frontends are not the best quality. But this is in my opinion the best.

04 Jul 2002 07:54 miffoswe

Really good at what it does.
Intuitive, fast, stable and nice layout. Does what its supposed to without wining. Totally in pair with most other similar apps in other os'es. I like it but thats obvious isnt it?

07 Mar 2002 20:56 jeffreybak

Not quite all there
This program probably looks fine on the author's computer but is unbearable on mine. GTK+ users must learn about flexible widget layout. Aside from the impossibility of actually reading the labels in gnometoaster, I was unable to make it find my two SCSI cd writers and I was constantly attacked by popup windows whose use was unclear.


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