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Gnometab aims to be a WYSIWYG guitar tablature editor. Its features include copying and pasting of tablature passages, a chord library (which the user must fill), the ability to create a variety of tablature symbols specific to the guitar, and clean-looking printed output. It does not attempt to be "smart", i.e. it does not know how many beats are in a measure, nor does it know an E chord from an Am chord. Instead, the emphasis has been on the appearance of the output.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2003 17:21

    Release Notes: This release adds a default pointer tool and menu accelerators for all tools. It maintains a "Recent Files" list in the "File" menu. It uses libgnomeprint-2.2. The chord builder has been slightly overhauled, and chord builder objects now have a right-click popup menu, consistent with regular tab objects. Several pesky bugs have been exterminated.

    •  26 Nov 2002 18:14

      Release Notes: This bugfix release attempts to address some reported layout problems with 0.7.1. Toolbars and menus should work properly now.

      •  25 Nov 2002 23:43

        Release Notes: A revised rhythm creation dialog has been added. It's now much easier and faster to add rhythm notation. The rendering algorithm has been improved to handle more complex rhythms. Gnometab now prompts before losing changes, and attempts to scale print output to chosen paper size.

        •  18 Oct 2002 05:38

          Release Notes: This version includes code restructuring and deprecation cleanups, with some bugfixes and performance enhancements. A preferences dialog has been added, fonts are now configurable, and rests have been properly implemented. The toolbars and menus have also been mildly revised.

          •  22 Aug 2002 00:23

            Release Notes: This release adds a working print preview and zoom controls on the main toolbar. Some RPM packages are now available.


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