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gnomeGo is a very simple but nice GUI that allows a player to play the game of go (also known as igo, baduk, or weiqi) against gnuGo. There is also support for multi-player games. Three board sizes are supported. This go GUI provides GNOME integration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jul 2007 16:19

    Release Notes: The sgfparser was newly written. is now used.

    •  06 Oct 2006 12:33

      Release Notes: A gnomescreensaver compatible hack that plays professional go games was added (bundled with 1000 games). A nautilus thumbnailer component that graphically represents sgf files was added. The artwork was polished.

      •  21 May 2006 08:34

        Release Notes: Games in SGF format can be loaded and saved. Moves may be undone. Move numbers are shown.

        •  07 Apr 2005 13:33

          Release Notes: The ability to play against a human was added. New artwork was created. Star points are drawn on the board. A new settings dialog was added. German and Hungarian translations are available.

          •  29 Mar 2005 00:41

            Release Notes: This release fixes the dependency on gconf vars which would have been set later, rendering the package useless. It adds double sized visuals for the smaller boards.


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