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gnome-find is an easy-to-use, but powerful, graphical version of the GNU find utility. It features a default, no-nonsense dialog for use in most commonly specified searches. Additionally, a second, more detailed and advanced dialog is available to specify more powerful search parameters.


Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2000 20:54

    Release Notes: Final, stable release. Changes include some portability fixes, build fixes, and an updated Spanish translation.

    •  30 Jun 2000 00:25

      Release Notes: This release has portability fixes and fixes for a handful of bugs. A number of user interface improvements were made, and it now features an interface to the "locate" command.

      •  19 Jun 2000 17:50

        Release Notes: Support for -regex, -iregex, and -fstype tests, handling "~" for home directories, file archiving commands on search results, tearoff menus, searching for files containing a specific string of text, manually specifying and executing a search command, new HTML documentation and GNOME help, and a user manual.

        •  06 Jun 2000 02:59

          Release Notes: A minor bug was fixed. New features include support for all of find's advanced search options, German and Korean translations, preferences settings for all toolbar styles, saving/restoring window sizes, and file operation commands from the results window.

          •  22 May 2000 21:06

            Release Notes: A few minor bugfixes, Spanish and Russian translations, and implemented searching using Boolean tests for -{a,c,m}{min,time,newer} options (e.g., -amin, -ctime, -mnewer, et al).


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