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GnoCHM is a CHM file viewer for GNOME. It is implemented in Python, using the PyCHM bindings for chmlib.

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Recent releases

  •  20 Sep 2007 11:53

    Release Notes: Updates to the Czech translation and bugfixes.

    •  26 May 2007 08:48

      Release Notes: This release added Swedish, Belarusian, Hungarian, and Vietnamese translations. The application MIME type is now set in the desktop file. A bug in contents tree generation was fixed. The handling of pages without a charset was improved.

      •  11 Nov 2006 07:58

        Release Notes: Filenames with spaces can now be dragged from Nautilus. F9 now toggles sidebar visibility. The Russian and German translations were updated and new Greek and French translations were included. A bug that prevented small images from being shown was fixed.

        •  26 May 2006 13:58

          Release Notes: This release adds a new Spanish translation, cleans deprecation warnings, and requires pychm 0.8.3.

          •  22 Jan 2006 11:37

            Release Notes: New icons and logo were included. The contents tree now displays icons. It is now possible to copy text to the clipboard. A Japanese translation was added.

            Recent comments

            09 Nov 2004 03:37 rubensr

            Re: gnochm cannot read arabic .CHM files
            I think I fixed one of the problems in CVS. As for the problems in the contents tree, I am not sure how to process its contents, as it is not encoded in iso8859_6. Have a look in the bug report for more details.

            09 Nov 2004 01:38 rubensr

            Re: gnochm cannot read arabic .CHM files
            Thanks for reporting this. These problems are now being tracked in sourceforge, here:


            09 Nov 2004 00:58 aelmahmoudy

            Re: gnochm cannot read arabic .CHM files
            I just tried gnochm-0.9.3, with this configuration:


            1] When I ran: gnochm
            here's the what it gave me in the terminal window:

            Use of deprecated SAXv1 function endElement

            Traceback (most recent call last):

            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1551, in ?


            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1181, in open_file

            if self.request_file(self.chmfiles[-1].chmfile.home):

            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1060, in request_file

            f, pathname, flink = self.internal_request_file(link)

            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1047, in

            pref2 = string.split(pref1, '_')[0]

            File "/usr/lib/python2.3/", line 121, in split

            return s.split(sep, maxsplit)

            AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'

            and it crashed.

            2] When I ran: gnochm, then I opened the arabic CHM file from the File menu, it did NOT crash. The main pane was empty (saying Loading...), yet in the contents pane, it did display the contents, but in wierd character set. (ie. not arabic characters)

            > About the content pane, could you point
            > me to a file that fails?


            23 Sep 2004 02:36 rubensr

            Re: gnochm cannot read arabic .CHM files

            Unfortunately, the rendering problem in the body window is a gtkhtml2 issue, so it has to be raised at

            About the content pane, could you point me to a file that fails?


            22 Sep 2004 23:32 aelmahmoudy

            Re: gnochm cannot read arabic .CHM files

            gnochm 0.9.2, pychm-0.8.0, libgtkhtml2-2.6.2.

            distro: Mandrake 10

            Yes I compiled by myself.

            I tried an english CHM file, it was just fine.

            Here's what I get when I start gnochm (before

            opening any file):

            ** (gnochm:4431): WARNING **: `GtkTextSearchFlags'

            is not an enum type

            Here's what I get when I open any CHM file (english

            or arabic):

            Use of deprecated SAXv1 function endElement

            When the gnochm freezes I press CTRL+C in terminal

            window, and I got the following:

            Traceback (most recent call last):

            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1208, in



            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1144, in



            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1058, in


            topics = self.to_utf8(chmfile.GetTopicsTree())

            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 811, in


            return self.repl_entities(result)

            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 788, in


            ent = text[match.start(0): match.end(0)]


            When I press CTRL+C again, I get this:

            Traceback (most recent call last):

            File "/usr/local/bin/gnochm", line 1525, in ?



            Then the gnochm is closed.

            Here's a sample CHM file, that I just found now:


            The contents page is in english, but the other

            pages are in arabic. I just tried to open it, it

            did open. But it looked terrible, the characters

            are above each other in each line.

            So it seems that the freezing problem is with files

            of arabic contents page.

            > Are you using version 0.9.2 of gnochm

            > and 0.8.0 of pychm?

            > Did you compile it yourself or used a

            > package?

            > Which distro are you using?

            > Are you using gtkhtml2 version 2.6.1 or

            > higher?

            > Does this problem happen to any file or

            > just the arabic

            > files?

            > Can you point me to a file I can

            > download for a test? (you

            > can send me an email directly - it's in

            > the web page)

            > If you could run it by doing "gnochm -d

            > " and

            > then sending me the contents of

            > ~/.gnochm/gnochm.log, that would also be

            > great!


            > Thanks!




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