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Gnatsweb is a Web interface to GNATS, the GNU bug tracking system.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jul 2003 01:15

    Release Notes: This release of Gnatsweb coincides with the release of GNATS 4.0. Although the look-and-feel is similar to Gnatsweb 2.x, this is an extensive rewrite. Gnatsweb 4.00 supports all the advanced new features of GNATS 4.0; it is extremely customizable and has numerous usability enhancements compared to earlier versions. Gnatsweb 4.00 will work with GNATS 4.0 and newer.

    •  25 Nov 2001 20:50

      Release Notes: Indented material in multiline fields, such as code samples, is now displayed with indentation intact. A Reply-To header was added to change notification emails, so that followups to change notification e-mails are also sent to GNATS itself. After successful PR submission, the user is now redirected to where he was when "Create" was clicked. Queries on Submitter-ID are now supported from the std query page. Redirecting after stored query deletion now works in Netscape. The "send mail to interested parties" mailto link now also includes the PR synopsis in the Subject, as well as category and PR number.

      •  23 Oct 2001 12:05

        Release Notes: A few cosmetic changes to make query results tables more readable and a workaround for a Netscape bug in which the back arrow is broken after submitting a new PR or an edited PR were added. $include_audit_trail config variable is now used to choose the view command for the PR number links in query results. This was mistakenly left out in 2.9.1.

        •  11 Oct 2001 23:29

          Release Notes: Documentation correction and expansion with the addition of a troubleshooting document, more robust parsing of email headers for the "send email to interested parties" function, better handling of non-JavaScript browsers, fixes to some minor problems experienced by users of browsers such as Konqueror, display of full category descriptions and full names of responsible persons on the Create and Query screens, configurable default display of the Audit-Trail field, and selectable display of the current date on the query results page. (Note that Gnatsweb 2.x only works with GNATS 3.x.)

          •  09 Sep 2001 10:42

            Release Notes: Gnatsweb 2.x is in maintenance-only mode. However, it appeared worthwhile to backport a few features from the imminent 4.0 version (which will only work with GNATS 4). The single major new feature is a navigation bar on top of all pages with links to all major Gnatsweb functions. Minor fixes and enhancements include proper handling of a locked GNATS database, fixes related to attachment handling, and inclusion of an X-Mailer header in outgoing mail. 2.x versions of Gnatsweb only support GNATS 3.x.


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