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18 Oct 2002 06:34 yngves

New GNATS maintainer
Andrew Gray is the new maintainer of GNATS. Here is Andrew's posting to the help-gnats mailing list:

Following Milan's decision to step down as GNATS maintainer, I volunteered and have been appointed GNATS maintainer by RMS.

My immediate plans are to go through outstanding bug reports and then produce a second 4.0 beta release. Other than a couple of patches I have not worked on GNATS development before now, so it will take me a little while to get "up to speed".

Andrew Gray

15 Oct 2002 04:14 yngves

GNATS 4.0 beta 2 approaching
Even though we lost our primary maintainer of GNATS (someone willing to take over?), we are working hard on resolving bug reports and applying submitted patches. A qualified guess puts a beta 2 around mid-November.


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