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GluCat is a library of template classes that model the universal Clifford algebras over the field of real numbers, with arbitrary dimension and arbitrary signature. It implements a model of each Clifford algebra corresponding to each non-degenerate quadratic form up to a maximum set by the user. GluCat classes are designed to be used as template parameters for other template libraries. GluCat includes the PyClical extension module for Python. This implements the Python classes index_set and clifford, which interface to corresponding C++ classes in GluCat.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Apr 2014 12:49

    Release Notes: GluCat 0.7.3 fixes a bug where the line print_exec("from PyClical import *") was left out of some of the pyclical_tutorial*.py files. The C++ code, the Cython code, and the configure and Makefiles are unchanged from GluCat 0.7.2, other than updating the version number, and so these have not been tested again.

    •  31 Mar 2014 04:30

      Release Notes: GluCat 0.7.2 with PyClical now generates IPython notebooks. The Pyclical tutorials are now accompanied by corresponding IPython notebooks. The nork() function in matrix.h and matrix_imp.h that implements the left Kronecker quotient is now accompanied by the signed_perm_nork() function, which is faster for the case used by fast<>() in matrix_mult_imp.h. Use of the Boost pool allocator with framed_multi<> is now optional, controlled via the new symbol _GLUCAT_USE_BOOST_POOL_ALLOC. GluCat also compiles cleanly and builds correctly with g++ 4.8 and clang++ 3.4.

      •  10 Nov 2012 10:39

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which prevented compilation when the class glucat::framed_multi<> was based on std::map.

        •  10 Oct 2012 23:45

          Release Notes: The PyClical Python extension module now comes with a set of tutorials that guide you through working with Clifford algebra calculations in Python. The GluCat library now supports C++11 and has transcendental functions that are more accurate when used with higher precision arithmetic. The GluCat header files have been reorganized. The default options for ./configure now yield the simplest usable production case. The README and INSTALL files have been completely rewritten.

          •  13 May 2012 00:54

            Release Notes: This release includes the PyClical extension module for Python. The PyClical extension module is based on the prototype from GluCat 0.5.0, but includes a much more comprehensive interface to the GluCat classes index_set<> and matrix_multi<>, as Python classes index_set and clifford. The functions and member functions defined in PyClical include doctests. There are also some changes to the clifford_algebra<> API.


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