Comments for Globus Toolkit

08 Nov 2004 19:05 jimmynickel

Very large java-by-committee
I had the distinction of making my living from Globus for the past year. It paid the rent. Its not that I don't appreciate the concept or the theories associated with Grid Computing, its just that Globus is large, extremely slow (that is to say, has more overhead than a convertible), extremely buggy, leaves cryptic and misleading error messages, and isn't documented at all. (Don't let the documentation link on the website fool you, there's very little actual information there).

Globus will be great. In 10 years. But it'll be rolled into Websphere by the end of 2Q2005.

19 Jan 2004 11:24 crippler

where are the RPM's?
There are some potentially good software packages that simply don't get nearly enough attention because of the lack of RPM packages (or at least a working .spec). This is one of them. They have their own installer. Even if you want to just download the source, you have to get it via their installer. Ewww.


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