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Globus Toolkit

Globus is a project to provide robust, secure, peer-to-peer distributed computing on supercomputers, clusters, and other high-performance systems. It differs from other such network toolkits in that it is tuned to the needs of high-end machines.


Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2012 03:27

    Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes and enhancements.

    •  05 Jul 2011 11:00

      Release Notes: RSL attributes were added to GRAM5. MyProxy was updated to 5.4 and gsissh was updated to 5.3. Bugfixes and synchronization fixes were made.

      •  28 Mar 2011 16:06

        Release Notes: This release adds Data Channel Security Context (DCSC), gridftp server chrooting, and Progress markers for stream mode. It fixes bugs preventing building of some components on Solaris. It has been updated to use MyProxy v5.3 and gsissh v5.2.

        •  12 Aug 2010 18:22

          Release Notes: GridFTP was enhanced with a synchronization feature that transfers files only if they do not exist at the destination or differ from the source. Incompatibilities between GRAM5, Teragrid, and OSG have been fixed. MyProxy was updated to version 5.2.

          •  06 Jun 2010 05:48

            Release Notes: A new globus-url-sync command was added for syncing individual files or directories. A new server option was added to control the default permissions of created files. A new server option was added to time out on slow or hanging filesystems. A new server logging level was added to include transfer statistics. Reliability with Condor-G clients was improved. A number of bugs and memory leaks were fixed. MyProxy was updated to 5.1. GSI-OpenSSH was updated to 5.2. OpenSSL 1.0.0 support was added.

            Recent comments

            08 Nov 2004 19:05 jimmynickel

            Very large java-by-committee
            I had the distinction of making my living from Globus for the past year. It paid the rent. Its not that I don't appreciate the concept or the theories associated with Grid Computing, its just that Globus is large, extremely slow (that is to say, has more overhead than a convertible), extremely buggy, leaves cryptic and misleading error messages, and isn't documented at all. (Don't let the documentation link on the website fool you, there's very little actual information there).

            Globus will be great. In 10 years. But it'll be rolled into Websphere by the end of 2Q2005.

            19 Jan 2004 11:24 crippler

            where are the RPM's?
            There are some potentially good software packages that simply don't get nearly enough attention because of the lack of RPM packages (or at least a working .spec). This is one of them. They have their own installer. Even if you want to just download the source, you have to get it via their installer. Ewww.


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